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Our Community Continues to Grow

A warm welcome the newest members of the CRTA community:

Fortanix is a data-first security company and a pioneer in Confidential Computing. We help enterprises discover, assess, and remediate data exposure risks across hybrid multi-cloud environments to maintain the privacy and compliance of their most sensitive and regulated data, wherever it may be.

GeoComply stands at the forefront of online safety, driven by a mission to instil confidence in every online interaction. Their sophisticated compliance and anti-fraud solutions provide unparalleled clarity, ensuring customers have the insights to remain one step ahead of fraudulent activity. With a seamless user experience, GeoComply leverages advanced geolocation technology to empower diverse industries—from finance and cryptocurrency to media, gaming, and child protection. As a market leader in gaming and beyond, GeoComply's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity shines through, making the internet a safer, more secure place for all.

Kingland is a leading provider of enterprise-class software using a suite of products and teams of data and technology experts. The world's largest stock exchanges, financial institutions, public accounting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies use Kingland Products for data management, risk management, regulatory compliance, & data refinement. Since 1992, Kingland has helped data-intensive, highly-regulated clients discover new ways to securely grow their business and protect their reputation.

FinTrU is a socially conscious financial services firm with a global footprint and over 1,400 employees across the UK, EU, and US. Committed to innovation, it empowers its workforce to deliver cutting-edge solutions that benefit clients and communities. With a focus on Client Lifecycle Management, FinTrU specializes in KYC, Compliance, Risk, and Legal services, leveraging technology to revolutionize customer experiences while ensuring regulatory compliance.


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