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The Canadian Regultory Technology Association is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to elevating the level of diaglogue, raising standards, and promoting growth and innovation within the Canadian RegTech eco-system. Our unique strength is our focus on the ‘practical’ – levering our neutrality to lead the industry to practical solutions and collective engagement. 

Our members include regulated entities, technology solution providers, government regulatory bodies and professional service providers.

We Serve our Members by: 

  • Leading progressive dialogue amongst industry, innovators and policy makers


  • Providing opportunities to collaborate and engage with peers in exclusive forums and roundtables


  • Offering multiple learning channels and avenues to share insights


  • Working with the industry on practical solutions, best practices and standards 


  • Championing innovation and innovative uses of technology 

Hear It From Our Members

AI Partnerships Corp. is focused on connecting early-stage companies, AIP Affiliates, in various sectors including fintech, to the end-user ecosystem and other Affiliates in the same sector. 

We have found that as a CRTA member we have gained significantly as a member due to the connections that they have made for us within the fintech community, and also for the regulatory challenges that they address that in turn helps our fintech Affiliates.

                                                                                                             Dr. Tom Corr, CEO at AI Partnerships Corp.

Listen to Charlene Sebastian Speak on the Value of Membership

Charlene is the Vice-president Success and Strategic Partners at MinervaAI

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Benefits of Membership

Listen to our executive speak about the benefits of membership.

Member Benefits

Elevate Your Experience in the Canadian RegTech Ecosystem

Our member community and expert advisory team help to define our program activities. All members have an opportunity to engage, learn, share knowledge, and solve problem through a number of program channels. Gain insights or participate in thought leadership, webinars, podcast, roundtables and training programs.

Member Benefits


Membership tiers and pricing vary by organization size and location. 

Non-for-Profit Organizations – Complimentary Membership


Pay online or for members over 1000 employees contact, to receive an invoice

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