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Forums enable our members to engage with other leaders in a neutral setting to share best practices and identify opportunities for collective action. They provide an opportunity to share learnings and best practices and will often lead to a tangible next step. Forums are exclusive to members and follow Chatham House Rules. 

Case Study 

The Workshop Agreement Baseline Requirements for Vendors Offering AI/ML Lifecycle Solutions to Financial Institutions (DGSI/WA 126)

In 2022, the CRTA teamed up with the Digital Governance Council to engage with our respective members on the development of a workshop agreement for Canadian Fintech Innovators to address the risks associated with third-party AI/ML solutions being utilized by Financial Institutions. With the increasing adoption of AI/ML, the workshop agreement sets baseline requirements for vendors offering AI/ML solutions to Financial institutions by promoting transparency and a shared understanding of best practices which serves to reduce common challenges. The workshop agreement covers steps such as establishing a model governance framework, managing risks upfront, and documenting end-to-end data collection and processing and is the first step toward a formalized national standard. 

Over the course of several month, over 75 AI/ML expert stakeholders representing financial institutions, fintech vendors, regulators, academics, consultants and thinktanks participated in the development of the agreement. It was published in May 2023.

Baseline Requirements for AIML (2).png

Gaining risk assurance from third party suppliers of AI models/systems
March 21, 2024 2-5pm
Contact for more details

Gaining risk assurance from third party suppliers of AI models/systems

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Wealth Management Forum

Wealth Management Forum

This forum focuses on challenges and opportunities specific to Wealth Management

Derivative Forum

Derivative Forum

This forum brings together leaders and subject matter experts from financial institutions and the vendor community to discuss challenges and opportunities with Derivative Reporting. Our last forum was held on September 13, 2023 and focused on the regulatory burden of global derivative reporting mandates

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Jan 2024

Governance in the Wake of GAI/OSFI E-23 Guideline

In this session, Re-examining Governance in the Wake of GAI/OSFI E-23 Guideline, we discussed perspectives on OSFI's new E-23 guideline and what it will be for risk oversight.  

March-April 2022 


The CRTA brought together senior data and governance  leaders in this two-part series: Artificial Intelligence – The Road to Good Governance 

May 2023

In this session, Managing the Risk of Machine Learning Models - An International Perspective, the CRTA brought in perspectives from other jurisdictions to discuss best practices in AI risk management.

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