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CRTA Welcomes Questrade to our community

We are delighted to announce that Questrade Inc has joined the association as our latest financial institution member.

Questrade Inc., a leading digital, low-cost alternative in the Canadian investment landscape, is dedicated to providing Canadians with a better, simpler, and more affordable approach to financial success and security. Positioned as the antithesis of traditional financial institutions, Questrade focuses on financial empowerment, aiming to help individuals confidently take charge of their finances. Emphasizing customer protection, Questrade goes above and beyond industry standards, backed by $10 million in private insurance and stringent security measures such as encryption, biometric logins, and transaction alerts. Committed to transparency, the company maintains low fees by operating online, passing cost savings to clients, and continually innovating tools for informed trading decisions. As an independent Canadian company, Questrade prioritizes the financial success of its clients and has a history of industry-changing initiatives, reinforcing their commitment to client interests over quarterly profits.



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