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CRTA Publishes Reporting: Innovating Canada's Future - Perspectives from the RegTech Community

TORONTO, May 16, 2022 – The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association (CRTA) / Association canadienne de la technologie réglementaire (ACTR) today published a report entitled:  Innovating Canada’s Future – Perspectives from the RegTech Community.

The promise of AI and other emerging technologies has created a sense of urgency across financial services, yet Canada continues to struggle with turning our inherent advantages into commercial success and innovation-based economic growth.  Curious to learn how our members community think about the state of innovation in Canada, we reached out for commentary on the challenges RegTech’s face to reach commercial success, as well as perspectives on ways to improve Canada’s innovation economy.  This paper brings six unique perspectives covering topics such as regulatory burden, access to funding, culture, intrapreneurship and challenges with lengthy procurement processes and sales cycles. Contributors shared concrete recommendations on areas we need to prioritize to ensure we continue to support our startup community, encourage innovation, retain talent, and remain globally competitive. 

Commenting on the paper, Donna Bales, founder of the CRTA, said: “This paper surfaces significant fractures in Canada’s innovation economy. Layering on the pace in which technology is evolving and disrupting customer expectations, Canada can not afford to be idle. We must act now with collective purpose.”

The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association / Association canadienne de la technologie réglementaire

The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association is a not-for-profit organization focused on solving regulatory challenges through collaborative efforts among key RegTech stakeholders: regulated entities, technology vendors, regulatory bodies, government, and professional service providers. The goal is to facilitate dialogue, raise standards, and promote growth and innovation within the Canadian RegTech eco-system. The organization will endeavour to solve regulatory challenges through collaborative discussion and engagement in proof-of-concept initiatives.

For more information and for details on our membership please see the CRTA website:

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