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CRTA Publishes Paper “Safeguarding AI Use Through Human-Centric Design"

Date – May 15, 2020.

Media Release

Canadian RegTech Association publishes ‘Safeguarding AI Use Through Human-Centric Design’

TORONTO, May 15, 2020 – The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association (CRTA) / Association canadienne de la technologie réglementaire (ACTR) today published a report entitled Safeguarding AI Use Through Human-Centric Design. It examines the risks and ethical challenges that need to be addressed and overseen to ensure that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) provides benefits and avoids harm. The paper delves into practical and technical challenges and solutions, by bringing the perspectives of practitioners, academics, and technologists in Canada’s AI ecosystem (listed in the paper) on how some of the human-rights risks introduced by AI systems are being and can be managed during the product development life cycle.

Commenting on the paper, Donna Bales, co-founder of the CRTA, said: “The intention of this paper is not to cover old ground, but to bring perspectives on ‘the how’ by sharing best practices and implementation considerations. Similar to the purpose of all our programs, our goal is to bring forward not only theoretical issues, but also a practical, more technical perspective. The topic of AI was fitting for our first white paper as it is a very current, immensely important issue for our members and, most importantly, the public.”

Complementing publication of the white paper is the public release today of Responsible AI – A Movement to Human-Centred Product Design. This webinar, broadcast on May 13, 2020, is part of the CRTA’s online Spring Regulatory Webinar Series. It will be available for replay until the end of May. Bales said: “Now more than ever, it's important to continue the dialogue amongst Canadian RegTech community stakeholders; the CRTA will continue to bring new content and fresh perspectives on how to effectively use new emerging technologies to manage regulatory challenges.”

The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association / Association canadienne de la technologie réglementaire

The Canadian Regulatory Technology Association is a not-for-profit organization focused on solving regulatory challenges through collaborative efforts among key RegTech stakeholders: regulated entities, technology vendors, regulatory bodies, government, and professional service providers. The goal is to facilitate dialogue, raise standards, and promote growth and innovation within the Canadian RegTech eco-system. The organization will endeavour to solve regulatory challenges through collaborative discussion and engagement in proof-of-concept initiatives.


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