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Achieving Operational Resiliency in an Age of Disruption

About the Event

October 17, 2023

Listen to Adeline Cheng (She / Her) share how organizations should approach an Operational Resiliency Program. She emphasizes:·      

  • The  businesses’ role in identifying critical operations stressing the importance of identifying a senior business partner who has strong risk awareness to lead the program,·      

  • How process mapping is a critical exercise as it allows organizations to narrow down and act on the information,·      

  • Using a pilot approach to learn and iterate while building the organizational capability.

This webinar took place on October 17, 2023 shortly after the proposed E-21 Operational Risk and Reliency was published. We had the pleasure of having Elspeth Bowler, Acting Senior Director, Non-financial Risk, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada  walk through the new guideline. This was followed up with an interactive discussion with  Adeline Cheng (She / Her), Partner, Non-financial Risk, EY Canada, Eand Padraic O Maille O’Maille, Manger, Non-financial Risk and Resilience, EY Canada.

Members can reach out to receive the full replay at

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